Level design & geometry

I was always interested in various forms of arts since I was child. My favorite forms of artistic expression are painting and decorative arts, and architecture as ultimate fusion of all arts. I was in position to experiment with combination of painting and decoration, by creating a certain analogy between shape of painting, frame and visual motive. Such ideas can be achieved with limited resources available to individual.
However, some ideas that belong to architecture are impossible to be achieved by individual work alone in reality. Individual can materialize his architectural ideas only by making models of buildings.
To see how this building would look like “in reality” it's impossible through making of models or two dimensional illustrations.
To experience monumentality of building, and its interior, together with all artistic splendor ,we must have a medium which makes this possible.
As a great fan of computer games, I was able to see incredible creativity of game designers, and many games, besides their entertaining aspect also have true artistic quality which makes playing a true pleasure.

LEVEL 3 : Sub-Level 1/4

Kingdom of Arta (Level 3)

(Sub-Level 1/4)


During one conversation with Pavle, about game making as form of art, we came to possibility about creating of our own game.
To general scenario that was created by Pavle, I have added subterranean civilization of Artha, that uses crystalline technology and magic to sustain its existence.I also read a lot of various literary genre.
Great inspiration to me were stories about subterranean worlds, mainly Bulwer Lytton’s “The Coming Race” and J.Verne’s “A Journey To The Center Of The Earth”.Process of game making was also nice try to put some architectural ideas “in reality”.Game making allows us to test our ideas in three dimensional space, and to see how ideas from our heads can become visible.
To be honest, I’m not a professional programmer nor experienced game designer.
For me personally, this was merely test of  creativity, and I’m hoping that my humble contribution to the game will be worth of  time and effort.

Andjelkovic Petar
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