My first work for the project was to try and re-create Masters of the Universe cartoon main theme and some of the better known MOTU background themes such as battle and castle theme.
Once finished with re-producing the tunes in fruity loops ( I started to make small modifications trying to enhance the sound and make it more acceptable for non-MOTU consumers.
Some time after that I composed first original music for the project, boss-battle music for He-man and Merman battle.
When decision to turn the project from fun creation to original creation was made, the game already contained number of original themes that I have composed, so the turn didn't have negative impact on my work.
All Blade of Power music files are originally composed, arranged and produced by me. Apart from Fruity Loops as my main music program I have used Sound Forge Audio Studio 9 ( and Audacity1.3Beta (

Here are few small samples of the game music...


Main atmosphere theme for Catacombs level.

Ghost fight

Music theme for Boss-Battles.

Snake Pit

Arta Castle: Lower Wing atmosphere music.


One of the battle music themes.


Melody played by the musician in Philip's Kingdom tron room.

Red Dawn

Atmosphere music for Arta: Castle level.


Music composed for player's death-scene.


Melody that can be heard when near the Manna well.

Audio effects

Audio effects that are currently present in game originate mainly from Sony Creative Software effect compilations ( or are from free web sound resources. All audio effects have been modified and enhanced by me. I adapted them to be in-tone with the project's atmosphere and gameplay. Most of them consists of two or three different effects combined and merged to achieve a unic and original sound that best fits game scene.


My work in this segment started at the moment that game changed from Masters of the Universe fun-creation project to fully original game. My idea was to make Blade of Power a bit more action and a less adventure oriented project. In my conversations with Pavle we came to the common ground about turning the game in that direction, making it more intense. Also, since Philip's strength had nothing to do with sword anymore, I thought that making Philip more powerful by giving him few different weapons instead of just one classic MOTU laser would be a good idea. I even made weapon to be one time storyline-trigger as it destroys an obstacle and opens up the passage that leads to the next level entrance.

Music in development stage

Here are some music themes still in development process, mainly composed for Devastated Lands of the North and Ellektrikon levels.

After the sunset

Black tide

Chaos beneath



Northern eclipse

Ivan Gligorijevic
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